Saturday, June 11

Perfect from my dictionary

No one is perfect, or so they say. They say that everyone has issues, flaws, and secrets. They say that striving for perfection is impossible and that those who are aiming to be perfect are reaching for an illusive reality.
I think they are wrong! I mean, look at me for example… I am perfect. Even the dictionary’s definition of perfect sounds exactly like me: “excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement.”
Okay, you think I’m crazy and utterly wrong don’t you? How could I have nothing to improve upon??
Well, get over it. I am perfect.
I am perfect because I am perfectly me… all the time, every moment, always. I only appear imperfect when you try to assume that I should be a certain way. The adjective “perfect”  is subjective. Even the definition of perfect is vague and open to interpretation. Just like the definition of success, happiness, love, and attraction, “perfection” means something uniquely different to each of us. Perfection does not fit in a box, it is not created by a chemical equation, and it does not expire. Being perfect is 100% your perception.

Let’s take “success”, for example. Some may think attaining success is having your face on a billboard, being the CEO of a company, paying off your mortgage, raising children, or running a marathon. Still others may think success is enjoying every moment and improving the lives of those around you. Can someone say that you are not successful because you do not drive a Bentley? If you believe you are successful, can anyone rightfully disagree?
Therefore, how could you not be perfect? You are perfectly Jane, Matt, Richard, or Vicky. You are you and that IS perfect. You are perfect when you make societal hiccups. You are perfect when you get a speeding ticket. You are perfect when you fall in love. You are perfect when you get your heart broken (or break someone’s heart). You are perfect every time you do something.
I know I am perfect. I am perfectly as I should be because I am always growing, learning, and doing my absolute best. Only when you stray from these things and stop believing in yourself do you start to venture away from perfection.

So come join me in soaking up our perfectness. It is a lot of joy!!!! Go to hell damn sorrow!!!!!

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