Friday, September 16

The past is today road

Life is long you know. It’s too early to decide who you are. You don’t have to rush or anything, go slow and take your time. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks or what your family think.

If you don’t like yourself even if the world loves you then you need be become a person whom like.Well, there might be a time you just have to love someone because you feel so lonely otherwise.

Human is not that strong. Apparently human keep the important memories in their heart as silent memories. You don’t find love that easy. If you want to know what true love is like then you need to find it yourself. True love… Everyone deserves to have it.

And for myself.... I want to be a lady than a good girl… what’s a lady anyway?.. erm… for me, when a girl falls in love with the best man in the world, she  might become a lady… may be…

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