Tuesday, March 22


I asked for strength
and GOD gave me difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for wisdom...
And GOD gave me problem to solve.
I asked for prosperity...
And GOD gave me brain and energy to work
I aske for curage..
and GOD gave me trobled people to help..
I asked for favor...
And GOD gave me opportunities.
I received nothing I wanted!
but I received everything i needed!

Baka-yaro!!!!! in short time i'm spend my time 4 stupid thing! think stupid matter! i lost my precious time in stupid way!!! damn!!!!! macam mane aku boleh buang mase aku dengan bende2 mengarut ni!!! semua kerje terbelangkalai!!!! damn2!!!!! stupid hope! stupid matter!  Stupid people!how come i'm being so stupid too!!! arh!!!!!! shit!!! hate this feeling so much! still got time to turn in correct part! stop doing Baka-yaro thing! lot work to do!!! wake up stupid!!!!!!!!

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